Tops 2 (2011)

Tops 2Tops 2

  • “Tops 2”
  • 5/16” folded stainless steel; sandblasted and polished
  • 13’0”H x 5’0”W x 5’0”D
  • North Nevada Intersection, Colorado Springs, CO

In April of 2011 I completed a commission for the Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority (CSURA). The artworks, “Tops #1” and “Tops #2”, consist of folded stainless steel forms that converge in a V shape at the base and fold out in the upper sections. The shape is reminiscent of a child’s toy top. Each artwork is tilted at an angle in order to give the impression that the sculpture is spinning on the pedestal. The existing pedestals and seating areas installed by CSURA were integrated into the total sculptural design.