“What’s for Dinner” accepted for 2015 Exhibit

2015 Colorado Springs, CO Art on the Streets
“What’s for Dinner” (2015) is fabricated from white powder-coated steel and sandblasted stainless steel. The white sculptural forms are created by folding steel plate. This process results in deep recesses and smooth reflective surfaces that produce constantly changing patterns of shadow and light. The three white forms seem to float above the abstracted stainless steel “table”. The open slats on the flat surface of the “table” allow light, rain, and snow to pass through. The slats also create a linear pattern that contrasts with the folded forms. This work (6’0”H x 6’10”W x 2’0”D) was designed at human scale so that pedestrians can walk alongside the artwork and view the forms from a variety of perspectives.

This artwork was accepted for the Colorado Springs, CO Art on the Streets 2015-2016 sculpture exhibit. It was sited in June 2015.


dinner side


dinner close